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The Appeal of Amish Made Furniture
Amish-made furniture is known primarily for its incredibly high quality. The craft of building fine furniture from solid lumber is one the Amish have perfected and continue to set the standard for to this day. The Amish people mostly sustain their way of life through the building and selling of solid oak and solid cherry furniture, and they have had to embrace some modern ways to keep up with the growth of commerce technology. Most people simply adore the Amish style of furniture, sometimes called Shaker furniture or Missionary furniture. Among the sought after furniture made by the Amish are bedroom sets, dining room sets, and chests and armoires.
While the Shakers and the Amish are two different religious groups living in different locations, they both sustain their community to a large extent by building furniture for sale to the rest of the country. Their fine furniture is built to last for a very long time between the reliable craftsmanship and the quality materials they use right down to the varnish applied to the wood. Mission style furniture is also something separate, but the terms are sometimes used interchangeably in casual conversation. Mission and Shaker are aesthetic styles that can be produced by anyone anywhere, and the Amish choose to produce these styles of furniture in addition to Queen Anne and Country styles, among others.
The Amish have honed their craft to an extremely impressive length, so much so that people from all over the nation are interested in the fine quality pieces built by these people living in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, and other mid-western areas, as well as Canada. The quality and precision used by the Amish when building their furniture command respect and this is often shown in the high prices of the pieces. Expect to relinquish over 100, possibly as much as 200 dollars for a single chair. The benefits of choosing the quality-built Amish oak, maple, or cherry wood furniture often include delivery to your doorstep in padded furniture trucks, and having the furniture professionally set up in your home. While the Amish people may retain their simple lifestyle, only slowly and gradually adopting new technologies strictly as-needed, their craftsmanship is equal or superior to anything else being produced today in the realm of hand-made furniture. The styles they create a blend in beautifully with a contemporary setting while having a classic charm that is distinct and unique.